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She’s a Little Bit Classical, He’s a Little Bit Rock & Roll

Kevin and Olga met at Lifetime Music Academy in 2003 where they were working as music instructors. Olga had studied classical piano in Russia, and Kevin had been a self taught rock guitarist. Olga was working toward finishing her degree in Music Therapy at Chapman University, which required guitar proficiencies. In stepped Kevin to provide Olga with the guidance toward completing those requirements. In the process, Kevin and Olga realized that while coming from completely different backgrounds and training, there was a shared philosophy on how to teach music. Each student is an individual that can’t be forced into one particular method.

Over the next few years, a professional as well as personal relationship developed between the two co-workers. Olga was busy during that time trying to develop her own teaching practice, not just to make money, but as a way to bridge the gap between her previous life in Russia and her current life in America. She bridged the gap with Rainbow Bridge Music Studio. Kevin eagerly joined her in her mission, and together they organized a recital for 8 private students in June, 2006…the first official Rainbow Bridge Music Studio Musical Kaleidoscope recital.

Rainbow Bridge’s bi-annual recitals have grown from 8 classical piano students into eclectic performances by 50 or more students. Kevin’s rock & roll roots have rubbed off onto Olga, and Olga’s classical and Russian roots have rubbed off onto Kevin. In 2015, Olga completed her Masters of Music Therapy at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods in Indiana. Kevin completed his degree in Classical Guitar Performance at UCI and accepted a faculty position at Irvine Valley College. Kevin is currently working toward his MFA specializing in Russian 7 String guitar at UCI.

With all of their personal accomplishments, Kevin and Olga continue to operate under the idea that there is not one method for teaching music. Each student is individual, and has their own way of approaching and understanding the world. Kevin and Olga work hard to tailor their lessons around each student’s unique capabilities, allowing everyone to experience music in their own way.