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Rainbow Bridge Music Studio is a family business that delivers a boutique, complete music education tailored according to the interests and abilities of each specific student.

MUSIC EDUCATION vs. Imitation of the Teacher

. . . there is a vast difference between a Music Education and the ability to move the fingers over the keyboard to produce a succession of sounds. In one case, there is initiative and musical understanding—the other is mechanical mimicry of the teacher.

A Music Education for a piano student consists of two things:

(1) A mind trained to understand the fundamentals and construction of music, and the principles which underlie piano playing.

(2) Hands trained to execute the will of the educated mind.

Equipped with a true Music Education, the student is materially assisted in his own playing—[s]he can draw on his [her] store of accumulated knowledge and make independent progress—[s]he can understand and appreciate the artistry of others.

Lacking in Music Education, the student can only mimic the teacher—there is no musical inspiration—[s]he has no foundation of music knowledge upon which [s]he can build and progress.


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St. Louis, MO