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Hi Miss Olga,
I read your notes on M. which I appreciated. In fact they made me think twice…
I forgot to tell you a story that I meant to share! You know how M. went to a one- week sleep away camp? They had tons of activities including music and a rock band activity. And guess what song they had?! -along with a print out of the words. White Stripes Seven Nations Army! On the last night M. sang up on stage in front of the whole camp! A few other kids played guitar and tapped a beat. Everyone talked about what a rock star he was. So cool right!!!!! I immediately thought of you!
Thank you for your patience with my boys. Thank you for exposing them to music. You have a real gift and we feel fortunate that we got to experience music therapy with you.


My daughter Courtney has taken piano from Olga for five years now and it has been so wonderful watching the improvement, creativity, excitement and skill level develop not only for my daughter but for Olga as well. Olga has also improved as a teacher and has been so warm, and kind. It has been great to see Rainbow Bridge Studio expand and it is always fun to watch the wonderful concerts with all of the kids. It is so nice to have a teacher who is positive as well who loves what she does. The great thing about taking piano from Olga is that she inspired my daughter to want to learn.

Carol Stocks

“Thank you Olga! What a treat – the entire family enjoyed it.”


Texts from parents after students’ recitals

Kevin, You are a doll and we are so fortunate to have your good teachings in our lives. Amy was pretty nervous but was very proud of herself after she finished. Thank YOU for all your great lessons and for making the guitar enjoyable for Amy.


What a glorious concert, Olga–such radiant, liberated, gifted students, each unique, all contributing literally and figuratively in concert. Thank you for your own creativity and constancy. It bore splendid fruit on Saturday and the whole evening was a real tribute to your philosophy and practice: talented children who were allowed to be the so much more that they are!

Jayne Lewis

“The recital was awesome on Saturday. We all loved it!!!”


Texts from parents after students’ recitals

Correspondence with the owner of JEL recording studio after a recording session with our rock band program:
“Thanks you two. We really enjoyed the day and are so impressed with how much the kids are getting out of your efforts.
Keep up the great work!!”

Edo Guidotti