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Music Lessons


Piano — Our piano lessons are tailored to each individual with a focus on musicianship, and musicality. Students learn proper piano techniques, music theory, musicianship, practicing techniques and habits, and performance skills. The styles of music that students are interested in are attainable by learning to play the instrument—when properly instructed, students are capable of pursuing their own musical path. When a student is trying to just remember what keys to press on a keyboard, the pieces of music are easily forgotten over the course of a family vacation. This is why we stress the importance of reading music, and ultimately, really learning a musical instrument — not just copying the teacher’s hand movements.

Guitar — Most people become interested in learning guitar after hearing a really cool rock song or riff. Our guitar lessons will teach you all those cool rock songs and riffs all while educating you on how to play the guitar. Students learn to read all forms of guitar notation — standard notation, tablature, lead sheets, etc. — students learn proper techniques appropriate to all forms of guitar playing … rock, blues, jazz, heavy metal, pop, classical and more.

Our goal with all of our music lessons is to make you a SELF-SUFFICIENT musician!