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In California, the State regulations and budget issues are limiting public access to music therapy services. In order to improve the situation, the AMTA approved State Recognition Task Force had connected with state legislators and the Assembly Bill 1279 was filed in 2015.The Bill was unanimously approved on both, Assembly and Senate levels. Governor Brown vetoed the Bill thus shutting down possible funding of services.  

The Task Force reported that the Governor’s veto message stated, “CBMT, a private sector group, already has defined standards for board certification …” This statement has been beneficial to music therapists practicing in CA because it referred to CBMT standards for competency in the profession. However, the logic dictates that unless the profession is legally recognized on a local level, there will be no local funding for the professional services. Therefore, it is clear that more community outreach and public education needs to be done by music therapists practicing in the State of California.