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Pop Formula: Songwriting and Composition

(June—September, 2016)


How have we become music listeners more than music makers, consumers more than creators?

(C. Stevens, Music Medicine)

Our job is not to pack in information, but to lead out creative gifts.

(F. Kinney, Teaching Creating from

California Music Teacher, Vol. 38, No. 2)


  1. We believe that our students are capable of creating, and that they want to create.
  2. We believe that teaching creating requires a different approach: we need to provide an environment that is stimulating, safe, and inviting.



In the course of this program, the students write lyrics, and put the lyrics into melody. Teachers help to provide harmonic framing to the melodies and create the band background using Garage Band. The songs may be recorded, sung by the authors, or presented by other singers. The created musical material doesn’t always follow the average standards but reflects the authors’ original thoughts.


Final Recital

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fields Pianos: Home of Steinway

810 E. Dyer Road

Santa Ana, CA 92705


All the students and parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the creative recital.

The peer performance may inspire your participation in the next year creative program.



Certificate of Merit – the program affiliated with

Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC)

(September 2016—March 2017)


All our teachers are affiliated with MTAC and are qualified to prepare their students for any level of the Certificate of Merit examination. You can find more information about this state sponsored program here https://www.mtac.org/programs/performance/certificate-of-merit/


We are affiliated with the Orange Coast Cities Branch of MTAC. You can find more information about its events on the MTAC OCC website http://www.mtacocc.org/



September 2016

  • Registration on the new MTAC website (parents confirm teacher-student relationships)
  • Parent-teacher agreement about preparation for the CM examination
  • Providing necessary music education materials: technical requirements, theory workbooks, repertoire, etc.


October 2016

  • Registration of the CM participating students
  • Deadline is October 31, 2016


November 2016

  • Parents provide payment on the new MTAC website
  • Students and teachers prepare for the exam during the lessons


December 2016

  • Students and teachers prepare for the exam during the lessons
  • Parents register for the regular January 2017 recital (opportunity for students to play their repertoire before the CM exams)