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California Association for Music Therapy (CAAMT) is an initiative stemmed from the work of State Recognition Task Force. CAAMT is a non-profit organization on the early stages of its development. Its mission is to pursue the advancement of music therapy as a profession in the State of California through community outreach, public education, and support of local music therapists.  The specific purposes of CAAMT include:  1) Engaging board certified music therapy professionals (MT-BCs) and students who are committed to the advancement of the music therapy profession;  2) Organizing networking, regional meetings and state-wide conferences for MT professionals, as well as educational events for the public; 3) Providing resources to the general public to improve awareness about the benefits of music therapy services, including listings of local music therapists and relevant events; 4) Supporting the aims and objectives of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).  Contact with CAAMT here https://caamt.org/ and info@caamt.org.